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Enormous Freedom Make-up Haul and First Impressions

I'd like to start off this blog post by saying a huge thank you to my boyfriend and sprinklessofbeauty as if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have got a ginormous parcel full of make-up in the mail, thank you! If you didn't know already Freedom are a sister company to Make-up Revolution and their aim is to produce "outstanding quality at affordable prices" which is exactly what you get from them. Make-up Revolution and Freedom do offer similar items with comparable packaging but there are slight differences and at the time Freedom were doing a 'spend £25 and you get £25 worth of make-up free' which I wasn't going to miss! So prepare yourselves for an extremely long haul including swatches and first impressions; I'll try to link everything to where you can purchase it as well.
There are an extensive amount of products here that I have no idea where to begin. Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, lets start with concealers and altogether I got four of them. The two pro-conceal and correct concealers in light I chose myself along with the conceal palette light. The liquid concealers matched my skin perfectly however when applying underneath my eyes I found that the consistency was creamy but far too thick which made it crease. As the concealer was yellow toned it diminished dark patches on my face well and it did cover redness whilst blending easily, when concealing blemishes I found that it worked on untouched spots but for others it looked odd and only concealed the outer rim of it. In my opinion the scent of the concealer was unusual because I thought it smelt of swimming pools...
Whereas on the other hand the palette had no scent to it at all. I was really impressed by this palette because the different shades they had were able to combat alternate areas on my face for instance, the top left shade is perfect for using beneath the eyes because it's a pale, highlighting shade. Once again they're easy to blend and great at covering redness and imperfections. I highly recommend this palette if it's the only thing you're getting in this haul, I think I'll most likely use this over my Collection-Lasting Perfection concealer and that's saying something! The last concealer which I received was part of the 'free' bit of the deal, it was the pro-conceal stick light but I was generous enough to give this one to my sister; I'm the best.
Onto powder now and I received this in the offer too, it's the pressed powder shade 101 translucent. Just like the liquid concealers this had a strange scent to it but nonetheless the product itself was favorable. It mattified my face well leaving no shine behind another bonus is that I only had to touch up once throughout the day and this was the weather was at it's peak, 29°C, which is incredible for it to hold my make-up on and in place whilst the blistering sun was beckoning down on me.
The pro-contour in fair I was very disappointed in. To begin with the highlighter wasn't very pigmented when I applied it my face which means you would have to use it lots for it to show up. When I swatched the highlight with my finger it began to break up and sediments of the highlight were moving around like crumbs. Unlike the contour shade which is ultimately the perfect shade for pale people as it adds a subtle shadow to the face without making you look muddy but it is far too hard to blend out. It's matte, which I love, as I'm not a big fan of a shimmery contour in the winter but I'm not impressed with this at all. It is great for travelling as it's a small compact with a mirror as well although overall I don't think this is one to invest in.
Left right picture shows the blushes going from top left down, then top right downwards whilst the bottom right picture shows the two marbleized highlighters in the middle.

If I'm honest, I'm not a huge blusher fan, never have been but since I got this pro-blush palette pink and baked part of the free deal I've been loving them! The shades are gorgeous, I've used each and every one of them and I can't fault any of them unless you consider too pigmented a problem!? My love continues with the two highlighters in the middle as they're incredible, due to the combination of different shades within them making them unique when brushed onto the top of your cheek bones. The individual blush is in the shade angelic which is this pretty, peachy, coral shade. As you can tell from the image when I swatched the blush it was brittle, just like the highlighter in the contour kit, it broke up easily nonetheless the pigmentation is amazing. When looking at the blush you can see the orange undertones in it with a minuscule amount of shimmer.
I did go a little bit crazy when I saw their lipstick range as the colours looked absoloutly amazing on the website and then when they arrived I fell in love with them all. From the image of the swatches at the top you can tell that three of the lipsticks look very similar but when they're on your lips you can tell them apart. Going from left to right we have the shades: make me crazy, wildflower, red wine and born with it. All of the lipsticks are easy to apply, very pigmented and especially red wine and the redder shades they make your teeth look whiter which is great! Another benefit is that they're on the moisturizing side, not drying which is always a good feeling to know your lips aren't going to look disgustingly chapped and bitty throughout the day. Whilst trialing make me crazy one day I noticed that when I was drinking water through a plastic bottle the lipstick didn't move or go patchy, overall it lasted on my lips for around 3 hours which is surprising when you realize that they're only £1.00! I'm looking forward to purchasing more of these in the future as they're the best lipsticks that I own!
I know what you're thinking, yes my lip product's collection has grown extensively because of this deal but you can never have too many lip choices, why do you think MAC have produced over 100 lipsticks? I don't actually own any lip-glosses as I don't like the texture they leave when on my lips once you've applied them, so when I found out that I was receiving these as part of the free deal I was a bit pessimistic about the whole idea but I was completely shocked when I tried them out. These aren't like other lip glosses which have a sticky consistency these are completely different. They're smooth, pigmented, moisturizing and creamy; just brilliant! You can apply these over your lipsticks so that they have that 'wet' look or one their own which is equally as nice. I received the two shades in jammy dodger and d-ream which are lovely.
Moving onto eyes now, I have my first ever eye primer. I've always wanted the MAC paint pots but always found that they're expensive whereas this one is the pro-eye primer for only £2.50 which I thought I would try out. It works just like a concealer in the fact that it it's a pale skin toned shade. I did find that when on the lid it didn't cover many veins or discolouration it just acted as a base because it wasn't very pigmented. This ultimately works as a base colour allowing you to get an even coverage of the eye-shadow shade you want to apply next on top.

Another part of the free deal were these single mono eye-shadows in the shades nude 207 and brights 230. I couldn't get a good picture of the shade brights however you can take my word on it that it's a luxurious bright, sparkly purple shade with blue undertones which gives off a metallic look which I adore. It's the most exquisite shade I've ever come across! Whilst the shade nude is a gold, shimmery brown colour also with a metallic look. I honestly cannot wait to try these two out on my lids as I'm sure they'll look great for a night out although the nude one you could get away with in the day time.
This decadance clubbed to death palette, excuse the name, I chose myself due to the outgoing and bright colours which attracted me to the product in the first place. After sprinklessofbeauty mentioned to me that their eye-shadows are undoubtedly pigmented I couldn't resist picking this one up. I have already created a green, forest smokey eye look using the green shades and not only that but the possibilities are endless with this palette. Look out for a few posts on how to achieve some brightly coloured eye looks in the future.
As well as choosing that palette in the free deal there came two other palettes, one which was quite similar to the once I chose regarding the colours available. These were the ten shadow's palettes in bare and stripped which I can no longer find on the website anymore, nevertheless, from the images you can see that one is more neutral than the other, the neutral one is bare and the intense colours one is stripped. I would say that from images I've seen over the internet bare has some shades which are almost identical to the ones in the Naked palettes but with the same amount of pigmentation which is unbelievable! Now for my everyday make-up look I've incorporated this palette in to create a gold, shimmery eye look. I've been really impressed by their palettes considering the prices are quite affordable they're truly the best I've tried and tested, just like the lipsticks.

In all honesty, I've been overly satisfied with the products which I got and I can happily say that I'll definitely be purchasing more from Freedom in the future as they sell cheap products which should be worth far more, yet are still amazingly brilliant to use. This was in fact a collaboration with a fellow beauty blogger and friend of mine as she also did a big freedom haul as well. She's only just started her blog but she's consistent and has a humongous amount of passion for the subject of beauty which I'm sure you'll love just as much as me. Her blog post can be found here if you want to find out what she bought but other than that I think that's the end of this post, let me know what your favourite products were in the comments below and I'll see you here on Tuesday or Follow my blog with Bloglovin 
 Thanks for reading.

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