Friday, 30 October 2015

Spooky, Smokey Halloween Eye Look

Tomorrow is officially the day in which people choose to celebrate Halloween therefore, I thought I'd create an eye look, which is different from the usual gory face with blood everywhere and you can recreate if you're going out or you just want to experiment with different looks. All the products I've used are affordable and what's even better is the quality; it's phenomenal!
Getting straight into the eye look, I'm taking my Freedom pro-eye primer to ensure that the eye-shadow will stay put on the lid for a long period of time, it'll also cancel out any discolouration, veins or imperfections on the eyelids and create an even base. Next, I'm going to apply a Maybelline colour tattoo in the shade creamy beige, because it is a gel-like consistency it means that the shadows will continue to stick to the lid and not produce any fallout.
All of the eyeshadows I'm using today are from various Freedom palettes purely down to the fact that they have outstanding pigmentation. The first shade which I'm going to be taking on a brush is this deep purple from the decadence clubbed to death palette, on the image above it's on the bottom row, second on the left. I placed that over the whole of my lid to begin the smokiness of the look.
To darken the look up further I'm going to be taking a black matte black in the outer third of my eye and in the crease. Be careful when applying the black because you can go wrong in a matter of seconds; it's best to add a little bit at a time rather than a brush full of the shadow because it will be harder to blend out. Remember, blending is key for this look! Just keep blending... Once the black isn't as harsh and hasn't made you look like you've got a black eye you'll want to take the colour next to it which is a mauve looking shade. This should be placed in the middle and outer third of the eyelid to enhance the transition between the three thirds so that it isn't just going from purple to black. Now I'm going to be taking the reddish orange, which you can see in the bottom left of the image above, on the inner third of the eye and edging in towards the middle third. This will act as a base for the next colour we're going to be adding on top of that, to make sure that the colour stands out.
This is the second and last palette which I'm going today and as you can probably tell I'm going to be using this bright orange shade. I'm going to be packing the brush with it and placing it above the shadow which I just added to intensify the look. To top the eye look off I'm going back to the first palette and taking the silvery glitter to dab lightly on the luminous orange to add a bit of shine which will be caught in the light. You can make this look more smokey but going in with the orange along your lower lash line then topping that with the back will create the ultimate spooky, smokey Halloween eye look.
If you're debating on what to do for the rest of your make-up I've picked out a few items which may be helpful or give you a bit of inspiration for your looks. First off I've chosen a blusher which will match the eye look. It's orange and it's a part of the Freedom pro-blush pink and baked palette! Carrying on with the orange theme there's an orange lipstick which would also suit perfectly with this look. On the other hand, a dark, purpley black lipstick would be another contender for lipstick to match this look; both of them would work effectively.
That's my outgoing, smokey eye look for Halloween, I hope you've enjoyed reading this post as creating this look has made me be more adventurous with my colour choices and I thoroughly enjoyed doing this eye look. Are you doing anything for Halloween and what lipstick would you of gone for? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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