Friday, 27 November 2015

Going W7 Crazy

W7 kindly sent me a few products to review and alongside this I'm going to be including my W7 products which I've purchased myself for you to view as well. I have to admit that when this parcel arrived I was extremely excited to find out what product had been sent to me, I repeat product not products because I wasn't expecting four at all! Thank you W7; you were too generous.
Beginning with one of my favourite products out of them all, we have the Candy Blush in the shade galactic* which is a gorgeous peachy rose colour. I did find that the blush wasn't as pigmented as I expected it to be although, it's build-able and produces a lovely touch of colour on my cheeks with a subtle shimmer. The packaging itself is a chunky, circular compact with a mirror which is ideal for top ups throughout the day and traveling. I love the presentation of the blush itself as it's domed just like MAC compacts which I really like.
Next up we have the eye shadow palette in in the night. If I'm completely honest with you, I'm not keen on this palette at all, apart from the packaging it reminds me of the naked two and three palettes which I love the look of but haven't yet tried. A few of the shadows are substandard, some like fairy dust, non existent bar a touch of glitter but then the matte black at the end doesn't even turn out black it's more of a purpley grey which is very disappointing. However, you could create a nice purple smokey eye with this palette which I'm yet to attempt. It does come with a double ended brush, one end is a sponge whilst the other is a synthetic brush which can be used for eyeliner or using the so called black eye shadow to smudge out.
Moving swiftly on, we have two lipsticks from W7's Viva La Berry range. On the left we have berry nice* and on the right we have very berry*. Berry nice is the more pinkier one out of the two and it's also more matte which I really like. I found that the two lipsticks are very similar in texture and colour although, berry nice is a fuchsia shade whereas very berry is a more deeper plum shade. Very berry is a more autumnal colour, it has a sheen to it with specs of glitter which makes it shimmer when on your lips but, I found that this one slid around on my lips far more than berry nice which is quite unusual. Both lipsticks are moisturizing and non sticky, they have a lovely scent to them which is a bonus and they last for a long time. The packaging is lovely and I love the fact that when you push the top down it clicks which means you know that it's secure, it's a very satisfying noise!

Tints and stains. Everyone knows of Benefit's various tints they have which you can purchase for £24.50 however these ones by W7 cost a merely £3.46! Just look at the difference between the two prices, although you could argue that because you get 2.5ml more in the Benefit one that it's value for money, but in my opinion £3.46 is the far better option. The names of these cheek and lip stains are very creative and by adding the tints to your cheeks it makes you feel like you're abroad in Tahiti, Bali and Rio. A hint of Tahiti is the first one on the left and it's a matte, orchid shade which adds a lovely warmth to your cheeks and a subtle colour on your lips. Whereas a hint of Bali is a liquid, blood red which looks gorgeous on the cheeks because it's a liquid it gives a swash of colour which isn't too overpowering, however on the lips it didn't add any pigmentation. The last lip and cheek stain is a hint of Rio which I thought was going to be golden in colour because of the rose gold packaging but actually it's a bright coral shade. This sits lovely on the cheeks and adds a lovely pop of colour to your face and likewise on the lips it adds a nice glow. With all of these stains, if you're using them on your lips you would have to build them up or you could put a lipstick on top to produce a full pigmented lip look but other than that I love these and they're ever so affordable which is brilliant if you're on a budget.
Last but not least we have the top coat waterproof mascara*. This one was a strange one for me because 1) I'd never heard of a mascara top coat and 2) I was expecting it to be a regular black mascara which would add more volume whilst protecting the lashes from water but I was wrong. Very wrong! It has a strong, large wand with transparent product on it. When applied it doesn't effect the original lashes with mascara on, if anything it separated them even more whilst acting as a waterproof barrier. You do have to be careful with waterproof mascaras because they do dry out your lashes which prevents them from growing to their full potential but regardless of that I was pleased with this product.

That's all of the products that I'm going to be mentioning today, if you would like me to do any more one brand blog posts then let me know in the comments below. Do you own any W7 products?  Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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