Tuesday, 3 November 2015

How Much Is My Face Worth 2015?

I've only seen a couple of How Much Is My Face Worth? blog posts whizzing around the internet and I thought it was a really interesting and cool concept. If you didn't know already, it's a way of calculating the price of all the products which you put on your face and sharing it on your blog; I'm really enthusiastic and excited to be sharing mine with you today. 
After double checking my adding up on the calculator, of course, the total of all the products I've used today has been £103.78!! £103.78! I can't wrap my head around that figure. That's crazy considering I've only used a couple of high end products, the majority drugstore, I dread to think what the total would be if I was using all high end make-up such as Estee Lauder or NARS. I hope to see you recreating your own how much is my face worth blog posts, if you do do one then leave a link in the comments and I'd love to check yours out! Thanks for reading,

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