Friday, 26 February 2016

Born Pretty+Discount Code!

I'm sure you've all already heard of this brand before in the blogging community, if not, where have you been? Born Pretty are an online store which sell everything from nail art to clothing and sports gear to every beauty product you could ever think of. Their wide array of items means there's something for everyone; even you!
I was on their website for hours trying to decide of a few things which I wanted to try out and in the end, of course, I chose three make-up items. Two being lip products then the other being a shadow.

My favourite out of all three products which I received is this waterproof matte velvet gloss* in the shade number 2 which is a pink nude. The consistency of this gloss is incredibly creamy whilst being long lasting on your lips. What is strange about this lip product is that it stays slightly sticky. Although, you could wear this lip gloss through a hurricane and I could guarantee you that it would still be on your lips by the end of it. That's how amazing it is! I know some people, including myself don't like glosses however, I'd say that this is more of a liquid lipstick than a gloss, as glosses provide a light coverage as well as being sheer, but this is the complete opposite. I love this gloss...It's one of the best lip products I've tried for longevity.
Meanwhile I picked out a lip liner hoping it would be as successful as the lip gloss but unfortunately it wasn't. The one I chose was a waterproof long lasting liner pencil* in the shade number 3 which is a dark, burgundy purple. I love the colour which this pencil provided however the formula of this is not creamy, it's a stiff, drying pencil meaning it hurt when applying to my lips. The only positives I can pin point on this liner is that the shade range is amazing and the packaging is eye catching but other than that I wouldn't pick up this pencil.

Then the last product which I chose was a shimmer loose powder*, this was the product I was most looking forward to try out. My thought process when choosing this powder was that I could use it on my eye lids to make my eye-shadow pop, or on the inner corner, or in the centre to create a halo look, maybe even use it as a highlight; the possibilities are endless. The small pot of shimmer is like fairy dust. It was extremely soft to touch but at the same time it was so gorgeously shimmery! I find that if I use it with my fix+spray by MAC it increases the shimmer of the powder when placing on my eye lid, bearing in mind this does cause fall out, but the end results are outstanding. You look like a goddess from fairy dust world. I found that you can use this loose powder for highlight however, I much prefer it used on my eyes.
Those are all the products I tried and tested out and I must say I was overly happy with the majority of them; I've now found some new favourite products of mine! The lovely people over at Born Pretty have given me a code for you to use if you wanted to purchase anything from their store, it gives you 10% off plus you get free shipping worldwide. What more could you ask for? All you have to do is enter the code CGHH10 and that'll give you your 10% off at the checkout. Will you be picking any products up from them? Did you like the look of any of these? Thanks for reading,

*This post contains PR content. The code does not give me any commission*
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