Friday, 17 June 2016

50 Things To Do This Summer

We all know that summer should be filled with fun, happiness and most of all sun and to make this summer unique to all of the others I've thought of 50 things you could be doing this summer. There are some generic ideas and some which are out of the box; maybe it'll give you some inspiration this summer.

  1. Go for a picnic with your family,
  2. Go to the seaside,
  3. Go on a donkey ride at the beach,
  4. Go on a road trip,
  5. Host a movie night,
  6. Go to a festival,
  7. Go star gazing,
  8. Go Stobart lorry spotting,
  9. Go to an outside pool,
  10. Go to summer camp,
  11. Go to watch England in the Euros,
  12. Go to watch the Olympics,
  13. Go on a treasure hunt,
  14. Go on a shopping spree,
  15. Go strawberry picking,
  16. Go sky diving,
  17. Go snorkelling,
  18. Go on a cruise,
  19. Go to a fancy dress party,
  20. Go to a car boot sale,
  21. Go for drinks with friends,
  22. Go to a spa,
  23. Have a pamper night with your friends,
  24. Visit some monuments,
  25. Join a gym,
  26. Play crazy golf
  27. Apply for a summer job,
  28. Watch the sun rise,
  29. Have a BBQ,
  30. Have a bake sale,
  31. Have a water fight,
  32. Go through your makeup collection,
  33. Re-decorate your room,
  34. Decorate your house with flowers,
  35. Reach out to a pen pal,
  36. Make your own garden patch,
  37. Make a daisy chain,
  38. Create a summer songs playlist,
  39. Eat as much ice-cream as you can before you get a brain freeze,
  40. Make homemade ice-cream
  41. Build the biggest sandcastle,
  42. Roast marshmallows over a fire,
  43. Build a hammock,
  44. Fly a kite,
  45. Write messages in the sand,
  46. Write a diary,
  47. Make a tree house,
  48. Donate to charity,
  49. Volunteer in your local area,
  50. Run a marathon.
Some things to remember, drink two litres of water a day to stay hydrated as well as always wearing sun cream, and remember to have fun with whatever you're doing this summer! What you are going to be doing? Thanks for reading, you can find me here: 


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