Calling Out To All Beauty Lovers: I Need You!

Do you love beauty products? Do you love trying new products and finding ones which turn into your lifelong favourites? Do you want to help others find the best products for them? Do you want to earn an extra income, alongside flexible hours whilst browsing through social media? If you've answered any of these either by saying: yes, of course, duhh, I'd love to, how do I find out more, then keep reading!
Calling Out To All Beauty Lovers: I Need You!
In July 2016 I began the start of a new journey where I became an independent distributor for NuSkin, a company which offers some of the best beauty products on the market, especially their anti-ageing, make-up and skincare items. When I began as an independent distributor for the company, I used social media to promote the products whilst gauging interaction with my customer base, these included my friends, family and the public. 

At first, I was sceptical as to how this would work and if it would generate any profit for me, however, it blew me away as after the first four months I had already made over £300 worth of profit! Although it's not a get rich quick scheme, it's a brilliant way to earn an extra bit of income whilst at uni, college or as well as working full and part time as you get to choose when you want to spend time on the business.

If you would like more information as to how you can become an independent distributor then don't hesitate to drop me an email or message as I would love to have you on board with me. Likewise, I have a group on Facebook, The Best For You, that I would love for you all to join as I have regular competitions, raffles and chances for you to win free goodies, this will also give you an insight as to some of the products which are available!

So what's the next step? Send me an email or message showing your interest in this free opportunity and I'll help you get signed up today with all the tools, tricks and tips you need.
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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