Friday, 27 April 2018

A Look Inside My ColourPop Palette

For a long time now I've had all of my single eyeshadows just sat in my makeup drawers with the rest of my eye makeup. But all that taught me was that I don't reach for them, which is why I purchased an empty palette for them to go in!
A Look Inside My ColourPop Palette
A Look Inside My ColourPop Palette
I purchased this Colourpop one off Depop and all I had to do was remove the cardboard and foam and underneath was a huge magnet which fits 10 regular single eyeshadows in.

Top Row from Left to Right:
Makeup Geek-Ice Queen Icy white shimmer, this is quite possibly my most used single shadow.

Makeup Geek-Confection Cool toned lilac, it doesn't have much pigmentation meaning it takes a while to build up. 

Morphe-Wink For Pink Pretty pink shimmer with pearl reflexes.

Makeup Geek-Morocco Burnt orange terracotta red, you need the lightest of hands with this one.

Prima-Pink To Make The Boys Wink Pressed glitter pigment, gorgeous rose pink.
Makeup Geek, Morphe and Prima Single Eyeshadow Swatches
Bottom Row from Left to Right:
Makeup Geek-Rockstar I'm pretty sure they are discontinuing this one but it's a buttery grey with purple and green duochrome.

Prima-Liquid Gold Pure gold, not your normal warm-toned shade.

Makeup Geek-Sharkbait Deep blue which screams aquatic to me everytime I see it.

Prima-Out Of The Blue Bright aqua sea blue that looks incredible in the light.

Teez-Indigo Dare I depoted this one from its original packaging and it got a battering! Nonetheless, it's a beachy teal shimmer.
Makeup Geek, Morphe and Prima Single Eyeshadow Swatches
Oh, did I forget to mention there aren't any Colourpop shadows inside this palette? Whoops! Anyway, those are all of the beautiful shades I have in my palette. Do you have a custom palette if so what shadows would you recommend to me? Thanks for reading, you can find me here:

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