Thursday, 26 July 2018

A Look Inside My Scrapbook

Today I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you all my scrapbook, well what I've done so far in it! I've been trying out different techniques as to how to style the prints as well as being a bit creative with my designs and doodles so if you would like any DIY tricks or tips, or some how-to blog posts then just let me know!

I printed my photos using Printiki's retro square design on glossy paper but I zoomed and edited the photos to suit the look I was going for, as you can design and edit the prints yourself. If you are thinking about ordering some prints you can use the promotional code BAJNYJM5 and this will get you free, non-express, shipping! Do you scrapbook yourself? It's such a fun hobby and it captures all of your life's memories in one album which I love. If you would like to see some more scrapbooking posts then do let me know as I already have a few pages that I'm thinking about doing including a race for life and lorry driving experience one. Thanks for reading, you can find me here:

Disclosure (prints were sent for consideration, all opinions and views are my own, code earns me credit for prints)

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