February Bullet Journal Flick Through

This month's bullet journal spread has changed a lot but saying that I definitely think this will help me track everything a bit better than before. Of course, I've gone with the typical pink and red hearts theme because it is the month where Valentine's Day lies.
February Bullet Journal Flick Through
As you will see this month has been the one for change, I found that I needed more space to write things on my blog dump page so I have made that a double spread. Meanwhile, my habit trackers have disappeared completely and so has my mood tracker. By the end of the month, I shall know whether this was a good change or not but I think it'll be for the best!
February Bullet Journal Monthly Spread
February Bullet Journal Flick ThroughFebruary Bullet Journal Flick Through
Let me know what you think of this months spread, do you prefer it to last months? How is your bullet journal coming along? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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