Charlotte's Picks is PR friendly, I am open to trying out samples, new products and completing sponsored content where it is relevant to the content I produce. My blog is mainly beauty denominated however, I sometimes feature the odd fashion and lifestyle post too. Therefore, if you are a company wanting to get in contact with me then please use the email address down below and I will reply as soon as possible. 

Instagram: @charlottespicks
Twitter: @charlotte_ctfc

If a company do happen to kindly send me an item, I will always use a * to imply this as well as noting at the bottom of the post a small disclaimer about the product sent. I will always share my own opinions and views on everything as I wouldn't want to give a false impression on something I haven't enjoyed using. I don't want my readers to be misled. I sometimes accept sponsored content on my blog however, everything will be discussed and thought through as I spend a lot of time and effort on my blog. Stats can be shown where asked.

Some Brands I Have Worked With:

All text and images used on my blog are my own, if not it'll be stated within the post. You may not use my images or text without my permission, if you do want to feature something of mine then please email me beforehand and give credit by mentioning my blog.