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Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Konnichiwa, that's the full extent of my intelligence when it comes to speaking in different languages with the odd hint of Spanish thrown in thanks to GCSEs. Hopefully, from that, you'll gather that I'm not particularly bilingual so we can jump over that hurdle imminently as that was me attempting to give you a warm welcome to Charlotte's Picks. I've noticed that you've made your way to this little section of my blog to find out a little more about me, the writer of this blog, so where do I begin...

It was a cold, gloomy night of December 2014, I was watching numerous YouTube videos with five other tabs open on various different blogs minding my own business when a light bulb suddenly went off in my head. Ding! "I've always wanted to create my own YouTube channel so I can give informative yet entertaining videos for the world to see but I've never plucked up the courage" "Maybe just maybe I should create my own blog where I can give my advice and have my own space where I can be creative and enhance my knowledge on all things beauty related" Ding! Here we are today. At first my aim was to create a beauty blog just circling around the make-up, skin care and hair industry, which is why I had the blog URL charbeautypicks, but after being on here for longer it's branched out and I've begun writing the odd fashion and lifestyle post as well as beauty which I've loved doing. If you want a chuckle, here is my first, very artistic design, which I started out with for this blog, I must say I've come a long way...It's a masterpiece!

Oh, how the days of posting on a Wednesday have changed!

That was the background and beginning as to how my blog became life but I, myself am an 19 year old make-up addict with a passion for beauty. My dream in life is to become either a freelance makeup artist/beauty therapist or a PR consultant. It's self-rewarding and I just love the whole process of creating new and different looks; it's so diverse and the looks you can create are endless which is why I love discovering new products which can help me achieve this. Regardless if I become a makeup artist or not I still want to have a role revolving around the beauty industry as words can't describe my love for the topic! However, I've not always had a passion for beauty, when I was younger I used to love playing football, from the age of around 8-16, but I stopped playing. Football is still a massive part of my life, I love going to watch my local team Cheltenham Town FC play but you wouldn't think beauty and football go together but hey, now you know it's successful and you never know, I could be giving massages to the players in the future! What a lovely image that's just put into your head.... 
At school, going into year nine was ever so daunting as the dreaded choice of GCSEs was arising from the cracks, although I'm slightly puzzled as to the subjects I chose but I always loved revising which is strange. Here are the topics I took during school: English, Maths, Science, Geography, Art Graphics Communications, ICT Functional Skills, Re half course, PE and Spanish. I had a strong hate for 50% of my subjects but the other half I was in heaven with, my favourites would have to be English, Maths and Art Graphics Communications! After taking my GCSEs I moved onto college to study beauty therapy which is helping me broaden my knowledge on everything to do with beauty, which is a bonus for you reading this right now, yes you, as I'll hopefully be able to convey my better understanding to you to enable you too improve as well. 
Well you've now come to the end of the writer behind the blog and I thoroughly hope it's allowed you to get to know me a bit better and maybe you've learnt something new about me, who knows? I hope you enjoy reading and looking around my blog but remember...I post every Tuesday so be sure to come back every week to see my latest post. Also, you can find me on twitter @charlotte_ctfc and instagram charlottespicks. Thanks for reading,

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