This week I'm going to be informing you on my make-up face of the day, (FOTD). Today I have chosen 13 products to use, this may seem a lot but you can skip several steps when applying the make-up, e.g using a primer before the foundation or lining your lips with a liner before applying your lip product. 

Firstly, before putting any make-up on I will do my skincare routine. This allows my face to be clean and ready for any make-up.

The first product which I will use is my Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer. This allows a smooth even base for my foundation to go onto. Once I've spread this all over my face I'll pick up my Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in the colour classic ivory 101. It gives great coverage and leaves my face with a dewy glow. After the foundation, I'll move onto concealer. My last blog post was about my favourite concealer and I am still using it as part of my everyday make-up routine. I'll then set the foundation and concealer with my Rimmel London-Stay Matte Powder. This makes sure that the make-up stays in place all day without it going patchy. Next step is to use my Seventeen-Instant Glow Bronzer on my cheekbones. It adds shape and definition to my face. I follow this with the Seventeen-Cheek Stamp Blusher I press down once with the pad to add a warm tint to my face. I will then grab my Technic-High Lights Highlighter to lift my face, letting off a glamorous shine. Lastly, I use the Collection 2000 Fix Me Up Makeup Setting Spray. This adds extra coverage for my make-up. You may not use this step as the powder has already done this job.

Firstly for my eyebrows, I'll pick up my MUA-Eyebrow Pencil to fill in any gaps in my eyebrows, adding a little bit of colour so they don't look sparse. Then I will use my favourite and the most recent purchase of the Benefit they're real mascara. It is highly volumizing and it lengthens my lashes so much. I know it isn't cheap but it's definitely worth the price. 

I always apply my Lush-Bubblegum Lip Scrub as it makes my lips feel so soft and it works away at dry or chapped lips. After using my lip scrub I will pick up my MUA Intense Colour Lip Liner to line my lips, this ensures that no lip gloss/lipstick moves off my lips onto my foundation. Finally, to finish the whole look off I will take my Rimmel London-Lasting Finish Colour Rush in the colour keep mauving 202 . This adds colour to my lips, making them shine and moisturized.

So that's my FOTD, what items have you used today?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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