Line To Perfection

For the first time in my life I have concurred the art of eyeliner. Years, months, weeks, days I've tried consecutively to do eyeliner on my eye lid but I've always failed until now. Finally, all the practice has paid off and now I am able to do it.

I started off with the Collection fast stroke eye liner which is £2.99. But recently I purchased the Bourjois liner feutre soft felt tip eyeliner for £6.99. In my opinion, the Bourjois eyeliner is the better product for me because you use it like a pen, unlike the Collection eyeliner where you have to use it like a paintbrush, dipping into the pot continuously. As with the Bourjois one you just draw the line on your lid without any hassle which is why it's so simple and easy to use.

I would definitely recommend both eyeliners to anyone who is starting out as they're cheap and long lasting. If purchasing both of them, it'll help you get an understanding of what sort of eyeliner would be good use for you, e.g pen or paint technique. For £2.99 and £6.99 you can't go wrong.

Hope this has helped anyone who's starting out or has been debating on starting to use eyeliner. Which one do you use? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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