The Key To Gleam

About a month ago, I was curious to find a good highlighter which was fairly priced and not too expensive. I looked at quite a few including the Benefit-High Beam and Benefit-What's Up highlighters but they were £19.50 and £24.50. This was a big no-no for me, as I hadn't tested them out before yet I had read a couple of reviews where some class the products as mediocre whereas others weren't that keen or on the other hand, were delighted with them. So there was a big mixture of thoughts and feelings towards these two specific ones.
I did another search to find any duplicates of the High Beam or What's Up. After a tedious amount of searching time, I came across Technic's High Lights. I furthered my knowledge and sought some reviews of the product. They were amazing! Some were moderate but others were over the moon with the product; they gave it a high 4.5/5 stars reviews which when you come to think of it isn't that bad for a £2.99 pot.
On Amazon, this highlighter retails for £4.84. You can't go wrong. It's one of my favourite products which I use daily to add a lovely, pink pearlized glow on my cheekbones. To make it pop even more I like to place this on the high points of my face along with a powder highlighter on top to set it in place; this also adds an additional glow making you shimmer. So far I've got no doubts about this product except the price being too inexpensive, but I'm not going to complain too much!

Have you tried this highlighter or tried Benefits one?
Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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