Lip Bullet Collection

Guess who started a collection? Of course, you got it right; me. Over the years I have watched hundreds of youtube videos where people, who are doing their monthly favourites, rave about the whole of the Topshop make-up range. Considering I have purchased three products over the past year I thought I'd share my thoughts and opinions towards the ones I've
Starting with the one on the left (image with the swatches), this bright vibrant red is called Joyride. I love this colour as it's very bold and has such a nice consistency on the lips. The lipstick swatch in the centre is a deep purple colour called Wine Gum. This one is my favourite as it's so different and outgoing. This would suit a subtle natural eye look or a matching a purple smokey eye. The last one I have is on the right, called Motel it is a warm, nude colour. If you're looking to get the Kyle Jenner nude lip then this would be perfect. When it's on the lips it has a matte finish and feels very smooth. All three of the lip bullets are very pigmented which is amazing.
I have one flaw with these lip bullets; that is that they move quite a bit on your lips and can go patchy after a while. Although, if you do re-apply the throughout the day you'll be fine, also by wearing a lip liner to match it'll help the product stay on your lips for a longer duration of time. 

Have you tried any of Topshop's make-up? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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