They're Real Mascara

This week I'm going to do a review of a product I purchased a couple of months ago; the they're real mascara. If you didn't know already Benefit are a high-end company which sells beauty cosmetics. Their They're Real mascara is the No.1 best selling mascara in the UK, hundreds of people have given this product five/five-star reviews on various websites for their love of the mascara.

After reading all the outstanding reviews I decided to take a trip to my local boots store where I went to the Benefit counter and asked the lady working there, more about the product. She confirmed that the mascara would curl, volumise and lengthen your eyelashes. Although, I wouldn't say it curls your eyelashes that well as I do have to use an eyelash curler beforehand to produce the curl. The fibres on the end of the brush are used for getting the optimum lift on your lashes, by brushing the wand vertically against your lashes, but I find this sometimes clumps up the mascara.
The price for the mascara is reasonable for the product you're buying as it's £19.50. Meanwhile, the packaging of the product is so simplistic yet beautiful to look at, the shine on the mascara tube makes the product and brand seem very elegant and pretty. This assures you that they take time and effort to produce amazing products with phenomenal packaging.

I do love using this product as it gives you lots of length and volume which is what I look for in a mascara. When it comes to the mascara giving it a curl I can use my curlers to get that lift I need but other than that I love using this product. Have you tried it before? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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