Hair, Hair and More Hair

Hair care is becoming ever more important to me now that I want to grow my hair out longer. I have a few things products which I use, on my hair, to keep it in good condition and today I'm going to be sharing it all with you.
First off when washing your hair you should have a good shampoo and conditioner combination. The shampoo which I use is the Garnier ultimate blends marvellous transformer shampoo I find this really washes/nourishes and leaves my hair feeling very clean. I'll then pick up my conditioner which is the Garnier ultimate blends marvellous transformer conditioner to match. I believe that the pair works really well together to create such a lovely clean soft finish to your hair.

Before putting any heat onto my hair e.g hair dryer, hair straighteners or hair curlers. I would use a heat defence spray, the one that I'm currently using is the Dove heat activated protect mist which really shields your hair from the heat meaning split ends aren't caused as easily.

After I've prepared and styled my hair I'll then go on and take the Lush shine so bright balm which I apply to the ends of my hair. I notice that this reduces the damage on split ends; it has a scent to the balm which means it's a two in one. A hair balm and a hair perfume; amazing. To finish off the look I'll take my Avon daily hair refresher in the scent Cherry Blossom. This adds one final scent to your hair making it smell gorgeous and feel weightless.

That's what I do with my hair on a daily/every other day basis, I hope it's inspired you or informed you on how to use some products. What hair care products do you use?
Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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