Basic Make-up Bag Essentials

It is nearing towards summer time, when everyone goes on day trips out and that got me thinking; I should do a make-up bag essentials blog post. I haven't picked many products; this doesn't mean you only have to take these you can take more if you want to.
Brushes: I've chosen two brushes to take with me and they're both by Real Techniques. The brush on the left is the expert face brush and I would use this to buff in concealer. Secondly I have included the powder brush, for touching up and reducing shine on my face; when I use powder. This brush is my favourite out of the two as it's extremely soft. 

Make-up: I have only chosen three products to take with me. My all time favourite concealer lasting perfection by Collection. If you've read my blog post about this you'll know that it's my holy grail concealer; I love it. The next product I have is the Seventeen miracle matte pressed powder I only have this in there because my Rimmel stay matte pressed powder had just run out. I don't think this powder is particularly good as it doesn't hold your make-up on for very long although it does reduce the shine on my face. Lastly, I have placed a vaseline tub into my make-up bag purely to protect my lips from getting chapped. It's by far the most important everyday essential; I carry everywhere with me. 

Other: Body spray. Who likes smelling lovely? Everyone. Smelling disgusting isn't very pleasing which is why I have put an Impulse true love spray into my make-up bag. It smells sweet and floral and it's the perfect size to fit into any bag. It's miniature. 

My make-up bag is from Cath Kidston. It's quite long and wide meaning you can fit make-up brushes into it, which is very useful, it also has such a beautiful floral pattern which I love. 

 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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