Empties #1 Will I Repurchase?

This blogpost is a little different as it's my empties. Empties means the products which you've used all up and I've got a selection of them to share with you today. There are a range of products from hair to skincare to make-up, the whole shabam! 
Beginning with hair I have two products which I absolutely love, the Batiste pretty&opulent oriental and Superdrug colour effects. The Batiste dry shampoo I have mentioned already in my hair hair and more hair blog post if you haven't checked that one out already go and read it after. It cost me £2.99. The Colour Effects is great value for money, it's only £1.49 and when I use it it gives my hair a reddish/light brownish tint which I really like; I've got the shade Mahogany.

Onto skincare and the first product I have is the Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser it's £3.99 and I've repurchased this product as I believe it really helps my skin by hydrating it thoroughly. The next product is my Soap&Glory scrub 'em and leave 'em body buff. This is by far my favourite scrub of all time. The smell is phenomenal; it's a sweet vanilla scent. This really scrubs away at my body getting rid of any dead skin cells, leaving me all smooth and smelling great. I have replaced this one with the Soap&Glory sugar scrub which I'm not overly pleased with as I do not like the scent at all. It's ghastly. Nonetheless, I will repurchase the buff as I really enjoyed using the product and I think it works wonders on my skin.

The last empty I have is my holy grail Collection lasting perfection concealer. You're all probably sick and tired of me raving about this product and of course I've repurchased this.

That's all the empties I've got, it's something a bit different and I hope you liked it, as I will probably do more of these in the future. Have you used any products up recently?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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