How To: Lip Scrub

Everyone has heard of the shop Lush, yes? Well, this week I thought I'd do a how to blogpost. The product which I'm going to be using is a lip scrub, in the flavour bubblegum, I know there are other flavours which you can purchase but it'll be the same process for all of them.
First off you will need to wash and cleanse your face, this will remove any dirt or leftover make-up including lipstick on my face and lips. Once you have cleansed your face you should pick up your lip scrub and avoid the temptation of eating it as it does smell heavenly!

Put your finger into the tub and get some of the scrub onto your finger, once you've done this you can rub it all over your lips continuously for 10-20 seconds making sure you cover the whole area of your lips when scrubbing.

After you have scrubbed them you have the pleasure of licking the product off your lips as the jojoba oil has sunk into your lips leaving you with a smooth, soft finish. The exfoliating caster sugar gets away any dead cells allowing your lips to be smooth and not dry or chapped.

Once there's no product left on your lips be sure to grab a lip balm of your choice and go over your lips with that. This step will ensure that your lips will stay moisturized throughout the whole day.

Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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