Who doesn't love an Avon Haul?

A couple of months ago I bought a few items from the company Avon. They sent me two brochures, one which includes their normal products they sell then the other which included all sale items which were at extraordinarily cheap prices. I couldn't resist.
Starting off with the most expensive product...I purchased a glimmerstick for only £3.00. It's in the shade brighten up pink which is a lovely shimmery pale pink colour; perfect for spring and summer. The application is smooth and it adds a subtle shimmer to your eyes, brightening them up, it looks lovely on your bottom lash line. It's a waterproof eyeliner which is perfect for when the weather is changing a lot during the day-time.
Next up we have the Color Trend kiss 'n' go lipstick. Now, this isn't a colour which I usually go for as it is a little different. It's in the colour violet friday. As you can see from the photo it's a purple colour, although on the lips it turns out a pale purple colour with a tinge of pink which I love as well as it being very creamy for the price. Once again it was very inexpensive for only 99p.
www.charlottespicks.comLastly, I bought the Color Trend colour elements eye pencil in the shade olive greenery. This eyeliner is gorgeous, it's by far my favourite out the three products I've bought in this haul. The first time I used this I created a winged eyeliner look, this showed the olive colour with gold undertones which you can see in the light. Considering that it's only 99p just like the lipstick it's great value for money.
I hope you liked this miniature haul which contained products I've bought from Avon. What items have you tried from Avon? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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