A Hand's Best Friend

This is one of my all time essentials along with hand sanitisers and body sprays/perfumes. In the past I have purchased the Body Shop's hand sanitisers and I have been really happy with the results as they smell wonderful whilst cleaning and making my hands feel fresh at the same time; I had the scents orange and strawberry. So I thought it was about time I purchased a new hand cream as my last one ran out. It was the Soap and Glory hand food which I found left my hands feeling sticky as it didn't sink into my skin very well no matter how many times I attempted to rub it all in. Therefore, now I'm here with the Body Shop mango hand cream which I instantly fell in love with when I was inside the shop.
As I was testing out the various scents of the creams in the shop, I became fond of the mango and strawberry ones. By this time my hands and arms were covered in different scents so no wonder no one came near me, when I was there, as I was a walking scent machine!
Nonetheless, I'm content with my purchase of this hand cream as it smells great, the consistency is nice as it isn't too sticky and it works into my hands remarkably well making them smooth and extremely soft. It's also affordable as it's only £4.00 and ideal for travelling as it would fit in a coat pocket or your bag as it's small. Also, because its metal it's malleable so it can bend into shape making sure that it'll fit anywhere which is an added bonus!

What's your favourite scent from the Body Shop? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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