Cheaper BB Alternative

I've read a lot of reviews and watched millions of YouTube videos now which have all raved about the Maybelline dream fresh BB cream however, a while back I purchased a cheaper BB cream. I was astonished when I first used it, that's why I'm writing this blogpost today as I thought you might be interested in it too.
You've probably heard or seen the Maybelline dream fresh BB cream before, it's £7.99 tube worth of cream which you can purchase in two different types. One is a dream pure and the other is a dream fresh. Dream pure is ideal for combination and/or blemished skin whereas the dream fresh is for normal skin.  
Then we have the Osiris Avise BB Cream. I bought this cream ages ago now from Lidl for only £1.99 which is why I purchased four! I got two in the shade light and two in medium as I was unsure on which shade I was at the time. Although, this means that they're the perfect shades for winter and summer as the medium will be the correct colour when I have a tan/if I get a tan and when I don't have a tan the light is the perfect shade!
The BB cream itself has a very light-weight consistency which is good if you want a light coverage or when it's too hot and you don't want to apply foundation to your face. It adds radiance to your skin, adding a tint of colour depending on which shade you use whilst giving off a beaming dewy look. I do find that it can cover redness however blemishes are not capable of being covered, meaning you will have to add concealer on top if you want them to be hidden. It doesn't feel sticky on my face and it lasts throughout the day which is amazing for the price it came at. 

I did some research and found that Amazon are the only place which store and sell these BB creams for around 2-3 pounds depending on what shade you want as they don't sell them in Lidl anymore. The link is above.

Which BB cream do you like to use?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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