Day trip to Lush

This week I took a trip into my local Lush store and I took tonnes of photos to share with you. I didn't actually buy anything as I'm still saving up for a few products which I want to purchase in the near future. 

However I hope you enjoy the photos I have taken..
Rock Star soap smells absolutely amazing....
I have my eye on some of their toners and face cleansers....
Lush Skincare
My favourite range of their scents is by far the 'Dirty' collection
I've used Sex Bomb before and it made my bath go all pink!
Their gift boxes are perfect for birthday or special occasion presents... 
That's all the pictures I took on my trip to Lush. I hope you enjoyed looking at the variety of products they have on offer and maybe it's encouraged you to go into your local store to buy something.

 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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