Empties #2 Will I Repurchase?

Today I'm back with another empties blogpost, but I've got fewer items this time. As you can see from the image below there are no make-up products; what's going on?! Although, I do have some of my favourite items which hopefully you enjoy too.
Charlie enchant body fragrance
This is a 75ml which is the perfect size whilst the packaging is this lovely turquoise colour with images of gems and jewels. The can looks perfect on a bedside table as it's aesthetically pleasing and it smells amazing. The scent is wild apple, honeysuckle and coconut which gives a gorgeous summery outdoor smell. I would repurchase this spray because it's so inexpensive and leaves me smelling great.
No.7 Soft and soothed Gentle Toner
Just like it describes on the bottle, it removes any tiny bits of make-up which are left on your face after cleansing and it leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean. Which is why I've used the whole of this bottle up! It has been amazing on my skin however I do currently have another toner which has replaced it, but I would definitely repurchase this again in the future even though it's £8.00 a bottle it lasts for absoloutly ages!
Lastly we have the shower cream. This is by far my favourite out of the three items purely because it is my all time favourite scent in the whole entire world! I could literally sit here smelling this bottle all day, that's how extraordinary the smell is. Mmm! Generally thinking about keeping this bottle forever unless someone wants to purchase me some of the fruit salad sweets which it smells of. Hint Hint... Anyway, the shower cream lathers up really well in warm water and personally I like to use it on a shower puff as I feel it covers the whole surface area of my body easily. I highly recommend this shower cream for it's incredible scent and because it cleans your body thoroughly.
www.charlottespicks.comHave you finished any products lately? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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