Have I Hit The Jackpot?!

Yesterday, I was in shock when I received a text off my boyfriend questioning me about a certain make-up product; it's a first for everything! As I read on cautiously debating on what he was going to say, he came out with a great saving which would be beneficial to me. It soon became clear that it was to do with an £18.50 mascara in a, 181 pages worth of content, magazine for only £3.80. If you ask me you can't find much more of a better deal! 
I flicked through the Cosmopolitan magazine taking in a glance of what's inside when I noticed a bright pink sample package. As I endeavoured further into the sample attempting to work out what it was I realized that it was a small sample of the LOreal Paris elvive nutri gloss luminiser shampoo which I've been skeptical about purchasing before due to its reviews on the Boots website. I'm unsure on when I'm going to be using this but I'll keep you updated on what I think in the near future. 
The magazine itself is very informative and captivating with millions of pictures and tonnes of articles inside which can keep you occupied for long periods of time; fantastic for long car journeys or when you have a spare moment to yourself, perfect you time. It covers: fashion, relationships, male species, celebrities, confidence, careers, beauty and life in general meaning there's something for everyone inside. I myself have never been a magazine girl but since reading a few articles from this I've taken an insight and interest into wanting to read and purchase more in the future. If you read magazines comment below any ones which you recommend and I'll check them out. 
To be perfectly honest with you before I received the text off my boyfriend I had only heard of New Cid cosmetics once or twice before but I've never paid much interest into what was being said; however, when I did research their products I've come to find that they're quite a pricey high-end company. They even sell lipsticks for £17.00, that's more than one MAC lipstick and they're supposedly the best for lipsticks! In the store, this I-Intense mascara is retailed at £18.50 and my first impressions on this mascara support the price due to the packaging. The silver, reflective packaging shouts out sophistication and elegance although, I'm yet to try out this mascara to give my full verdict on the product. Likewise, on the shampoo, I'll get back to you on that one soon in a later blog post. 

I'm excited to see how they both work out and whether I have actually got myself a bargain in this £3.80 package. Do you think I have? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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