Life Changing Bottle

Life Changing Bottle is an understatement for this skin care must have. It's the L'Oreal Paris-Skin Perfection Micellar Water. I've been using this for a few months now and I can say I'm 99% happy with how it works on my skin. Also, I just want to put this out there that by no means am I being told or paid to write this blog post, anyway let's get cracking...

Ladies. You'll understand what I mean when I say it's the time of the month, you're breaking out pretty badly and your skin is on shutdown mode, right? Well, this has been a less frequent occurrence ever since I've started using this product. Of course, I do get the odd couple of spots but before I used to get around 5-10+.
The bottle is aesthetically pleasing to look at as it's colour schemes are simple. I love the fact that it's a transparent bottle so you can see how much product you've got left inside.

How I use it: 
I grab a cotton wool pad and dab that onto the top of the bottle gently pouring the liquid, out onto the pad, so that it doesn't go everywhere. You need a medium-high amount depending on how much make-up you have on your face. It also says it acts as a toner by smoothing your skin although I do like to use my M&S formula skin care gentle toner to thoroughly tone and get rid of any tiny specks of dirt which weren't removed by the micellar water. I do find that sometimes when I do have a full face of make-up on I will need to use a couple of cotton pads along with the liquid which means that I'll use the whole bottle up quicker. But, when I have no make-up on I'll use one pad and my face will be pristine clean!

It's only £4.99 from Superdrug so I highly recommend you go out and try it for yourself, maybe it'll have the same effect on you and benefit your skin in the long term. 

 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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