Naked Review

Ok. I must admit the title of this blogpost sounds a tad strange but it's not trust me. The thoughts in your head right now are either sexual or about Urban Decay but no; this is my review on the naked drink. I know I'm quite late on jumping on the bandwagon for this one but seriously, it's incredibly good. Also, I know that this isn't directly beauty related however...drinking and eating the right things will enable you to live a healthy lifestyle. This will then enhance your natural beauty and allow your skin and body to feel great inside and out.
As you can see from the images it's a large bottle so you definitely get your value for money in this drink. The packaging is very informative and creative which really emphasizes its uniqueness as a drink and company.
www.charlottespicks.comThe ingredients, as it's quite small on the image, states:
3+1/3  Apples,
1  Banana,
1//3 Kiwi,
1/3 Mango,
1 Pineapple,
Blue Green Algae 
 and Ginger. 

All of these are ever so nutritious and healthy for you. In my opinion the flavour of the drink is nice and refreshing although I think the smell of the banana is a tiny bit overpowering.
Then you look at the colour. You know what they say "Don't judge a book by its cover" this is when the saying comes into perspective. Don't dismiss the drink because of it's dark green, muddy, grungy colour as it's the taste which matters most. Trust me; it's a tasty, healthy smoothie which anyone would love. It's got me enthralled in trying the other flavour they have which is an all berries mixture with a rather more pleasing colour drink of purple/blue. 

Have you tried this drink before, what did you think? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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