August Favourites☀

Another month has passed by and I've conjured up a few of my favourites from August.
Beginning with my favourite make-up products we have the Maybelline lash sensational lash multiplying mascara. As you can see from the image the packaging is a lovely, dusty, pink colour which matches perfectly with the black font. This mascara really emphasizes the length of your lashes adding volume without clumping which is unbelievable! It has definitely been my most used mascara from this past month replacing my They're Real one now; which is crazy. I'd most certainly recommend this mascara to you because it's beyond amazing yet affordable which is perfect.
I'm not going to dwell on this next product because I have a whole blogpost on it where I rambled on about it; you can go look at that one after this post. It's the Technic high lights highlight which you can purchase on Amazon. I've started putting this highlighter underneath my foundation and it gives a glowy look above your cheekbones and the areas in which you apply it. It leaves you with a beautiful finish!

This next product is the Avon glow bronzing pearls which I've been testing out during the past month or two as I had purchased it a while ago but I've grown to love it. I've got the shade warm and I add a light dusting below my cheekbones which
adds a subtle, warm glow onto my skin. It can also double up as a highlight because some of the pearls inside are paler and whiter, although swirling them all in together greats the perfect, bronzed look.
The pearls are the most expensive out of the three beauty products however after continuously using them everyday I would certainly repurchase at the price of £10.00.
Now we're onto the Real Techniques foundation brush. This may sound weird so let's just get this out the way first...I know it's labelled as a foundation brush but you can use it for other devices too and that's exactly what I've been doing. I've been using it to apply my compact, powdered bronzers. It's been great because it's an angled brush it allows you to get the correct stroke under your cheekbones and jawline. I do have the contour brush and I use that to blend it out however just applying it with the foundation brush has made things much easier!

I am aware that my next favourite isn't actually being sold anymore but dont worry, turn that frown upside down because I've done some investigating and found some similar ones just for you. They're personal and suited towards yourself making them extra special as a gift for someone special, mine suits well with any outfit because it's silver. Most of the ones on the website which I've linked are either silver or gold which are both ideal.
Lastly, I think you've all been waiting for this one; it's Cadburys dairy milk chocolate! I recently ate their puddles bar which they bought out a couple of months ago now, but I wasn't too keen on that one to be honest, but you cant go wrong with plain milk chocolate. Despite the fact that I feel sorry for people who are lactose intolerant I will happily indulge and eat this bar all to myself within the next 10 minutes. No joke! You can find Cadbury's bars in numerous supermarkets and shops but this time I've linked you with one from Sainsburys. I'm ever so sorry if this has made you crave some now but if you haven't tried this before it's the creamiest, most scrumptious and delicious chocolate you'll ever have tasted; so I highly advise you to get to your local shop now to get yourself a bar!

That concludes my August favourites for this year, I hope you've enjoyed reading what I've liked this past month. What has been in your favourites this month? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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