Back To School Makeup Look

It's nearing towards the start of school/college/university therefore, I'm going to be guiding you through a quick and minimal look which you can complete in the mornings. I know some schools are quite strict on make-up that is why I've picked quite a basic, everyday look, however, you can add in steps or change certain colours to what you desire. For me, I do have to wear a full face of make-up to college which is why I'll be doing extra steps to help me achieve that look; comment down below/rate this post if you want to see a full face of makeup post and I'll do one for you.
To begin this look I'm going to pick up my Maybelline New York baby skin instant pore eraser primer because you're going to want your make-up to stay on and in place all throughout the day without having to do any touch-ups. For my base, I'm going to be using the Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation as it gives a light-medium coverage which is perfect for school. On top of the foundation, we're going to be adding on some concealer. The Maybelline eraser eye is perfect for brightening up your under eyes, so if you're one of those people who likes to stay up binge-watching on Netflix till the early morning this will help you look more awake! To set all of this in place I'm going to be using my trusty Rimmel stay matte pressed powder in the shade pink blossom which will add extra coverage if needed. Lastly, for my base makeup, I'm going to use my Avon marbleized powder blush in self-discovery which is going to add a subtle warmth to my face whilst including a brush of shimmer.
Going onto eyes now, I've only got one step as I feel that you don't want to go overboard if it isn't a special occasion. So I've chosen my adored Maybelline lash sensational lash multiplying mascara which will enhance your lashes' curl and make your eyes appear open and wide which again reinforces your abundance of enthusiasm and assertiveness for the day. 

Finishing off this look we're going to take Topshop's Lip Bullet in the colour motel as it's a warm nude perfect for every day wear especially for school as it isn't too bright or too outgoing that you'll get told off for it. You could even skip lipstick and stick with lip balm as either would work perfectly well.
But that's what I think is a suitable back to school make-up look, like I said at the beginning you can change up steps and add some in depending on what you like, e.g doing eyeliner or wearing a brighter lip colour to correspond with your dress code. I hope this has helped and if you want to talk to me about anything to do with school then feel free to email me as I'll always reply and I'm happy to help (see contact page). Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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