False Is The Case

Once again I ventured into my local Boots store and was mesmerized when I saw that the L'Oreal Paris Superstar Mascara was on offer for only £8.99 down from £10.99. I had heard millions of people talking about this product and I couldn't pull myself away from picking it up so, I'm sorry purse but £8.99 won't do any harm; for now!
My first thoughts about this mascara were a mix of confusion and enthusiasm as I twisted out the two different wands. The number one meant use first therefore I followed the guidelines and I was in pure shock as I opened it out. 
DUN DUN DUN! It's white! As I coated my lashes in this white formula I felt my lashes go heavy and look quite odd; my lashes were like spider's webs in the winter with dew on it. I then left them for approximately 10 seconds, it doesn't guide you with a specific time period, then onto number two.

This wand looks much like any other mascara with its bold black colour and curved wand. I began applying this to my lashes and it made them go clumpy at first which I wasn't too content about however my lashes did seem voluminous but unfortunately the curl wasn't provided. Throughout the day I noticed that my lashes miraculously looked less clumpy and more spread out! How does that work?!? I was in utter awe as I glared at my lashes in the mirror for a good 5 minutes. A flaw of this product is that the mascara itself produces fall out underneath my eyes. I'm bewildered at this because I only ever thought fall out was produced by eye shadow but no, this mascara is dangerous to go near if you're wanting a flawless make-up look for a special occasion.
But, I tested this mascara out again, by leaving the time for my lashes to dry after the first coat of white mascara a lot longer, 10 minutes to be precise, meaning the mascara had its chance to blossom. This worked perfectly! I saw a dramatic difference in the two attempts I had with this product and I'm blown away at how disparate the two results were.

Overall I'm satisfied with this product, by leaving my lashes to dry to its full optimum I gained the best results as this was shown by my voluminous curled lashes. What is your take on this mascara?  Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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