How To: The Perfect Snack

I'm writing a slightly different blog post today which includes food; Yay! It's a very simple snack which requires a little amount of time and where you can choose different fruit depending on what you like and your preferences but anything works. All you need is these ingredients... 
1 Natural Yogurt,
1 Nectarine,(your choice)
1 Banana,(your choice)
1 Hand full of blueberries,(your choice)
1 Bowl which you can eat from, 
1 Knife and 1 spoon.
To start off you will need to collect your equipment and ingredients. You'll need to start peeling your banana and pick up your knife so you can cut the fruit up into chunks like so... WARNING WARNING if you're under the age of 13 please get your parents or an adult to do this for you as knives are dangerous.
Now you need to use your spoon and scoop 3-4 spoon fulls of the yogurt into your bowl...
Then you need to start placing the fruit into the yogurt...
Et Voilà it looks delicious! Finally mix the fruit in with the yogurt and then you can tuck in and enjoy your appetizing, simple snack. Remember that the less fruit you use the less yogurt is required, likewise the more fruit the more yogurt; simple really when you know how!
I also created this berry mix one which was lovely!
Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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