Inexpensive Brow Routine

I know most females, and some males, nowadays are worrying daily about how their brows are looking. For me, I've only just started getting into them which is why I've got a very minimal collection of brow products. To be specific I only have two.
The first product I have is an eyebrow pencil by MUA, in the shade brunette and the only other product I have is a Claires clear mascara. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "Claires, what are you doing with your life" but to be perfectly honest with you I got it years ago and never used it. I got it when I thought I was trendy and cool picking up make-up but really I had no clue what I was doing. 

Anyway back to the routine. To start off I use the MUA eyebrow pencil which has two ends; one with the pencil and the other with the spoolie/brush. I take the spoolie and comb it through my brows, this allows my eyebrow hairs to be all facing the same direction and it'll enable me to identify any sparse areas.
Next I switch ends and use the pencil to fill in the sparse areas which I may have. I like to darken up these areas to give the effect that there is hair there yet I leave the start of my brows (closest to my nose) lighter and less defined which gives a gradient effect which I really like; it makes them seem less fake and more natural. I use the clear mascara because it helps set my brows in place once I've shaded them in. I brush through my brows with the mascara sparingly and it makes sure every hair stays in the correct position for vast periods of time.

That concludes my brow routine which is very simple yet effective. The two products which I have used cost under £5.00 altogether which is astonishing when you compare it to other eyebrow products on the market today. Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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