No Room? No Problem

Guess who's been shopping again? Of course, me! So, today I thought I'd share with you my recent purchase off Amazon. It is the Osco Clear acrylic 3 drawer chest, which is helping to store my ever-growing make-up collection.
I've noticed that the Osco range are an alternative to the Muji storage options available from their website. I have observed that many beauty bloggers and you-tubers do own lots of Muji storage however, I was looking for the cheapest choice so I could save on money.

The measurements of the one which I purchased is width: 16.8cm x depth: 12.2 cm x height: 11.5cm. Whereas the one off Muji is a little larger being, width: 26cm x depth: 17.5cm x height: 10cm showing that it's wider but smaller in height. Nonetheless my Osco drawer is the perfect fit for all of my products; it fits: palettes, compacts, eyeliners, pencils, mascaras and lipsticks etc.
I'm really impressed with these draws so far and hopefully, I'll purchase more in the future as they're very sturdy and hold everything in one place! They're also quite cheap as they're under £20 which is amazing.

I hope this has enlightened you into upgrading or purchasing some storage of your own for your collections. Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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