Body Busting Saving

The Body Shop had a sale on in my local store so me being me thought I'd have a nosey in to see whether I could pick up a couple of bargains and guess what? I did!
To my luck these mini travel size lipsticks were staring right at me, in their container, on the bottom shelf of the make-up stand. I took a glance at the colours which were available and decided that these two would be perfect for me; they were all quite similar in their own individual way.
Featuring: Ravishing pose from me poking into the image from the reflection of the lipstick packaging
The lipstick on the left is a peachy, orange nude colour which can be risky to wear as it can wash some skin tones out. It's a very sheer, glittery lipstick which can be ideal for those odd summer days in Britain but then again it can add a bit of spice in the winter. When wearing them on my lips they lasted an hour or two before they began to fade off, drinking seemed to be a problem when I picked up my water bottle as the lipstick began to move about. It was a close shave that it didn't end up on my chin!
Whilst the swatch on the right is more warm toned. I prefer this one because it's a "your lips but better" situation for me, enhancing my lips by adding a glossy look. It adds minimal colour because it's ever so identical to my lips already but, the only downside is that it feels rather sticky on my lips yet at the same time hydrating?!
The major negative about these lipsticks is the smell/taste of them. You know the original, bland, cheap, tacky taste/scent of them, that's exactly what it is which in my opinion is disgusting and puts me off using the lipstick. But, for £2.00 down from £10.00, you can't really complain about them too much as they're ever so affordable for the product itself, in the sale. They're also perfect for chucking in your handbag last minute, when you're stepping out the door, as they're easy to wear as well, matching with any outfit if you can deal with the smell and stickiness.

What's your favourite product from The Body Shop? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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