How To: Foot Spa In Your Own Home

Recently I've been seeing quite a few adverts on the TV to do with feet pedicures therefore I thought I'd run you through how you can create your own foot spa treatment for under £40! I would also like to mention that because this does cost £40 for the products you will be able to use it repeatedly for years to come which means you're saving money without having to go out and spend hundreds of pounds on treatments every couple of weeks.
Your main tool which you'll need is a Micro Pedi you can find these in various stores and the prices range from £18.00-£70.00 however the one which I have is £39.99 but it is definitely worth the money. I did receive this for christmas last year which emphasizes the durability of the product. 

It is a very simple product to use. To start off you have to take any socks or tights off which you may be wearing and make sure that your feet are completely dry otherwise you won't get the best results. 

Once you've done that you can flick the button upwards and the roller will start whizzing around fast. However don't be alarmed it doesn't hurt in the slightest! You should then move the contraption up and down over any hard areas on your feet, this will scrape away any dead cells leaving you with a smoother surface. But, don't keep the micro pedi on an area for over 10 seconds as you should be continuously moving it over the surface area of your foot. 

After you've done both feet you'll notice lots of white specs on your device. That's all your skin cells! I know it sounds disgusting and grim but it comes with a little brush which you can brush them all off into the bin, but now your feet are smoother than before which is amazing.
Next, you should take some Beauty Formulas dry&cracked skin cream and smother your feet in the cream, massaging it all in. You should use a different cream for your feet to the rest of your body because the skin on your feet is thicker. Using this cream will enhance the smoothness and softness of your feet leaving you with effortlessly polished feet.

You can purchase some extra rollers however mine came with an extra one anyway and I haven't got around to needing to use that yet which shows it's staying power and endurance levels. Anyway, that's how I treat myself to my own spa in my home every now and again.
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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