Is Lipstick Locking A Thing?

I was curious when I walked past the Rimmel London counter in Superdrug the other day as I saw a lipstick lock. Lipstick lock? I was entirely lost in my path of thought when I noticed it that I had to pick it up. The retail price for this lipstick lock is £4.99 for a small 8ml bottle however, I have never witnessed anyone use or talk about one before which is why I was unsure on whether it was going to work wonders or not so I gave it a go.
When I first opened up the product the smell automatically sprung out to me as it smelt of nail polish remover. It's a ghastly smell; not too appealing at all! The applicator is exactly how a nail polish works with the brush. In other words it's a top coat for your lips.

I followed the instructions on the back of the bottle as to what to do and it says "Seals and fixes lipstick. Brush lightly over blotted lipstick. Keep lips apart until dry." other than that it's all in gobbledygook. I gently dabbed it onto my lips on top of the lipstick, I was wearing at the time, and I instantly felt a tingling feeling. My lips were beginning to sting. I ignored the irritating stinging and carried on applying it all over. Leaving it to dry was the worst part, I was stood with my mouth open for around 30-60 seconds looking like I was catching flies until I gave in. I continued on with my day and my lips started feeling extremely dry; I had to keep asking my friend if my lipstick looked alright and wasn't blotchy and she repeatedly said "yes it's fine" for four hours straight which emphasizes it's ability to keep the lipstick in place.
I will be attempting to use this product again if I need my lipstick to stay on for long periods of time but other than that I think it can stay on my vanity looking lovely instead. I'm positive the stinging which I encountered was because it was my first time using it and my lips weren't used to the product. Have you ever tried a lipstick lock? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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