My All Time Beauty Confessions

I spent the past week thinking, contemplating and debating on what my beauty confessions are. I've come up with six, (six is a weird number to choose I know, I would've done five but I couldn't leave one out it felt unfair), I bow my head at some of these, yet I carry on repeating these actions. I'm sure you can relate to some of them too!
6) I have chosen eyebrow plucking. Every time I go into my local town centre I wander past salons and dedicated eyebrow shops glancing in at the people having treatments whilst I pull faces of pain just looking in. I refuse to get my eyebrows done and still today I haven't got them done; I prefer to stick to the traditional tweezers and pluck mine. The pain just puts me off, tweezers are my BFFs and forever will be. 

5)Lip balm sharing. Me and my family share lip balms, I understand that it's unhygienic but sometimes I forget to bring mine along with me wherever we go and I hate the feeling of dry, chapped lips so we share. I can see the look of disgust on your face right now, I'm sorry.

4)I'm forever forgetting to use a primer. I get out the make-up which I intend on wearing that specific day, lay them out on my desk, mirror at the ready and I instantly pick up my foundation no matter what. It's ridiculously hard to remember to use it I think it's just me but still...

3)Am I normal? It's the question of the day. I've noticed that when I apply my foundation to my face I end up making some very strange, peculiar faces when trying to get into the cracks and crevices on my face. But it's not just foundation this occurs with, it's mascara too!

2) This is one I can't seem to avoid no matter how hard I try or what techniques I do it's impossible! It's the typical mascara on your eyelid situation. I hold my hands up to be in the category of not wanting to wear eyeshadow because I'll get mascara on my eyelid afterwards as it's a waste of time me getting the gorgeous colours on my lid ruined by a few specks of black.  

Finally, my number 1 is...

Spending way too much money on make-up which isn't even needed. I can guarantee nearly every beauty fanatic can relate and admit to this one whether they like it or not! I'm talking about going into Boots or Superdrug to have a browse and not buy anything but then ending up with 10+ products because they were on 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price which means it's ok. That's right, we've all been in that situation before.

Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this slightly different yet comical post, let me know in the comments what your beauty confessions are and if you can relate to any of mine!
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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