Inside My College Bag

I realize that most people are back at school/college/uni now as we're coming to the end of September so I thought I'd run you through what I have in my college bag. I love reading these blog posts as it gives me inspiration and ideas as to what to have in my bag, maybe this might help you? Who knows, but I hope you enjoy looking inside and stay till the end for an announcement!
My bag is from House of Fraser and it was around £20 in the sale however after numerous searches I cannot find it on the website but I do know that H&M do some similar ones which you can have a browse at. It's a pleather, cream bag with gold features; this adds a touch of class to the bag I think. It's quite a big bag as it has 3 compartments, one large one in the middle then two either side, in the middle one it also has a zipped pocket which can be used for valuables and two slots opposite for little necessities. The only downfall about this bag is that the main section doesn't have a zip to close it it just has a gold clasp whilst the outer sections have a zip to secure everything.
Delving into the middle section to start off and straight away we're approached by an overloading slot. I take an A4 lever folder, my pencil case from Primark which is actually a make-up case, a pukka pad with lined paper in it and a reading book. Currently I'm reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks which is taking me a while to get through for some reason.
In the left hand side pouch I keep my student ID card, when it's not on me, and important letters and scrap pieces of paper which I may need.
Whereas on the right hand side I hoard my umbrella, make-up bag, deodorant and body spray because it's always nice to top up throughout the day.
 In the zipper pocket I keep all my valuables e.g phone, purse, keys etc and I leave the two open pockets empty because I don't need to keep anything else with me. Normally, I would have a few spare sanitary towels just incase ladies and some plasters for emergencies but other than that that's it!
That concludes what's in my college bag, what items do you keep in your bag? Are there any essentials which you take and I've missed out? Let me know in the comments. I'VE GOT NEWS!! I have finally set up a bloglovin account! I hope you're all really proud of me even though I don't know how to use it so if someone would be so kind to help me thanks, but if you would like to follow me then there are links either side of this post or you can click right here, go on, you know you want to. Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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