Evening Skincare Routine 2015

It's exceedingly important for you to have some sort of skincare regime purely because you want to be blemish free with glowing, healthy skin, which is only achievable through the use of skin care. Today I'm going to be going through step by step my evening skincare routine which includes 4-5 actions depending on a certain step.
First, off I will perch myself in front of my mirror and pick up a cotton wool pad, these are essential for removing your make-up, then I'll grab my Garnier micellar cleansing water and squirt a few drops of that onto the pad. The micellar water will remove any make-up which is on my face whilst hydrating and not making it feel dry. I have to admit it's not as good as the L'oreal one but this is the only one I've got at the moment so it'll have to do.

Next, I'll pick up another cotton wool pad, bearing in mind I'll need 2/3 depending on how much make-up I've got on, and pour a fair amount of my Body Shop camomile gentle eye make-up remover onto it. This eye make-up remover is incredible. It removes all my eye make-up on one pad while at the same time not harming my eyes in any way. Perfect! 

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I do love a good Lush purchase and this has been one of them recently; it's their tea tree water. On days where I've had minimal make-up on, I'll spritz this all over my face, it tones and refreshes my skin. Whereas if I'm having a full face of makeup day I'll spray it onto a pad and wipe it all over my face; this helps remove any last specks of make-up on my face making it clean. 

Lastly, I'll take my Body Shop tea tree night lotion and smother this all over my face and where I have any spots. This product is definitely worth investing in if you're prone to spots as it reduces the size of them whilst keeping any redness at bay.

However, once a week I'll use my Nivea daily essential facial scrub which exfoliates my skin, abolishing any dead skin cells which have been sitting on my face. Mmm, what a lovely thought but everyone should exfoliate once a week to remove any dead debris on the surface of your face.  

That's what my evening skincare routine consists of, have you tried any of these products?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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