How To: Thoroughly Clean Make-Up Brushes

Washing your brushes is an important step if you want to achieve a flawless finish to any make-up look and to avoid adding extra bacteria to your face. If you've read my Brush, Blend, Cover, Contour Brush Cleanser blog post, from ages ago, you'll know what I use daily to spruce up my brushes. Just like I mentioned in that post, you should ALWAYS wash your brushes once every one to two weeks to give them a deep cleanse. I'm going to be showing you the steps you need to take through the use of images, with description when necessary, as I believe it'll be easier for you to understand via a visual photo of what's happening rather than a description.
You'll need: brushes, baby shampoo, a sink, kitchen paper/towel and your hand or a cleansing pad if you have one. I have this one from Primark which is meant to be used for your face but it's ideal for cleaning brushes.
If you're doing them at the sink, like I am then, you should run the tap with warm water. It's bad for the brushes if you use boiling hot water as it damages the glue where the synthetic brush hairs are, making them malt.
Squirt some of the baby shampoo onto the pad, or your hand, then begin swirling your brush around on the pad, this will make the shampoo lather enabling you to get all the dirt out.
Like so... You'll want to repeat these steps for all your brushes.
Once you've cleaned one brush you should lay it down on the kitchen roll or a towel. Putting the brushes alternate ways will allow the brushes hairs to have optimum space to dry and not run the excess water into another brush. You should leave your brushes to dry overnight at a window sill as they can catch the sun's rays, in the day and morning, which will make them dry quicker. Another technique that you can use is to stand them up against the window so the brush hairs are facing downwards onto the tissue, this will allow everything to drain out of the brushes.

In the morning you will have sparkling clean brushes which smell lovely whilst looking like they're brand new. Brilliant! I hope this has helped you learn and get an understanding of how to clean your brushes, what's your favourite brand of brushes? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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