As you can tell from the title being in capital letters, I'm extremely ecstatic to be writing this blog post today. Words couldn't describe my excitement when I stepped into TK Max and strolled over to the make-up counter to see that they were selling Too Faced products. Eeeeeeeekk was literally the noise which came out of my mouth as I saw their beautiful packaging sat on the glass cabinet.
I casually stumbled over, trying to not drag too much attention to myself as my eyes were beaming at the products, I took a couple of glances at the few products they were selling from Too Faced and it was a choice of: lip injection colour bomb in never enough nude or the amazing face liquid foundation in warm cocoa which is the complete opposite shade to me. Guess what I chose? That's right, the color bomb. I hadn't actually heard anything about this product until after I purchased it which is when I found that there were mixed reviews; some say that burning occurred when they used the product but others were overly happy as they found that their lips looked enhanced and plumper so I was feeling a tiny bit downhearted that my first Too Faced product wasn't going to be too good, but little did I know that I would be in the group of inbetweeners for this product...
Immediately, the first thing I did when I got home that day was frantically unzip my bag and attempt find this wonderful purchase at the bottom of my bag so I could eagerly open it up and see what this was all about. The packaging regardless deserves an award as I love how elegant it looks; I'm definitely keeping this packaging! As I took it out it's box I was extremely excited to try this product out on myself, taking the lid off carefully not wanting to damage the product itself, to notice this lovely, reddish nude lip tint. I began applying it to my lips and realized that just like everyone else stinging arose out of no where lasting a whole ten minutes until it calmed down, however it wasn't burning or feeling like my lips were going to fall off which was a good thing.
After the ten minutes had happened my lips were looking a bit on the red side, more than what my lips looked like before I had applied the product although my bottom lip was looking more plumper and fully which proved that the irritation paid off. The colour on my lips ended up being a warm, pinky, reddish, nude shade, basically a combination of them all which didn't last very long on my lips but, the appliance of the product was smooth and overall I enjoyed using this product. It isn't drying at all, it moisturizes the lips without feeling sticky which is great.
Considering that I only paid £4.99 for this product when normally the retail price is in fact £15.00 is a ridiculously good saving. In all honesty, I wouldn't pay £15.00 for this product as I'm sure they'll be cheaper ones on the market which have more pigmentation. I'll most likely be popping into TK Max more often now to see what other deals they've got to offer, maybe there might be some in your local store. Do you own any Too Faced products? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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