My Non Existent Sugar Crush

Can we just take a moment to congratulate Soap and Glory on their designing skills purely because their products are so photogenic.
This is the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub which is £8.00 for a 300ml tub in Boots.
If you've read my Empties #1 you'll have a vague understanding of what my opinions on this are already as I wrote about their buff which they do as well. Go read it now then come back to this one!
I found this far too funny, 'four times-even-if
you've ever been labelled old lizard legs'. 
I love how comical they are with their buyers!
You back now? Good. I missed you. I do like this scrub as it does exactly what you want a scrub to do; scrub away all the dead cells on your body. As it's a sugar scrub it's not as harsh as a salt scrub which means you're less likely to cause any damage to your skin. Although the scent is far too sweet for me I've still be using it as I'm around half way through the pot now. No matter how many times I open the lid and use this product every time the distinct smell hits me! I have to admit it is a very unusual, different scent which you'll either love or hate so if you're thinking about purchasing it go into the store first to smell it to be 100% sure that you like it.
Do you recommend any good scrubs which I should try out as I'm going to be looking for a new one once I've finished this one. Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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