Sensodyne Sensitive Review

Sensodyne are a brand which specialize in tooth care for people with sensitive teeth, with some of their well known products being their toothpastes and mouth washes. They have numerous variations of their items including:complete protection, repair and protect, rapid relief, daily care, classic, gentle brushing and true white and for the past month I've been using two products from their sensitive range. They're the cool mint mouth wash and their true white mint toothpaste.
First glances of the toothpaste is that it's packaged slightly differently to usual toothpastes. It's a tube like structure however the cap, where the product comes out, is unusually unique. It makes a fascinating, clicking noise to assure you that you've screwed the top on correctly after use. The rest of the packaging is a soft, smooth plastic whereas on most other toothpastes you find they're a metal like looking plastic which are less malleable than the one I'm talking about today.
Besides from the packaging pleasing me, the toothpaste itself has worked wonders for my teeth. Although the toothpaste itself didn't lather up as much as some others did when brushing I did find that it still worked perfectly well for me. Due to the toothpaste being part of the true white range it means one of it's main assets is to whiten your teeth and that's what I've noticed has happened. I've looked in the mirror after every brush, day and night, and I've noticed a small yet visible difference. My teeth aren't as stained as they used to be and they're glowing more in the light-which looks amazing in photos! The toothpaste also cleans and removes any bacteria which may be on my teeth making them look and feel sparkling clean; when brushing it doesn't feel harsh on my teeth.
I'm never normally someone who can spare an extra minute in the morning dedicating it to mouth wash although, things have changed. Everyday I've been using this and I honestly love it. The design of this bottle is even better than the satisfying noise of the toothpaste cap; it has a 10ml cup incorporated into the lid of this bottle so that it's simple and easy for you to get the correct amount in your mouth. As you get 500ml in the bottle and it's advised that you have 10ml after each brushing of the teeth, if I've got my maths correct, it means that you'll have around 50 uses out of this bottle which is a month+! There is one disappointing aspect of this idea and that's that you do have to clean the cap out after every use because you don't want any bacteria gathering at the bottom. Moving swiftly on from the packaging the product itself is very good. It makes your mouth feel fresh and it leaves you with minty breath which is ideal as you don't want disgusting bad breath. 

Overall I've really been enjoying using these two products, day and night, and if you've got sensitive teeth then I'd highly advise these to you as they're great.
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