Top 5 Essential Drugstore Brushes

Today I've got my top 5 recommended drugstore make-up brushes/applicators and I have to admit, it's been a tough decision to make considering most of my brushes are Real Techniques ones so the quality of them are impeccable!
Beginning with base brushes and applicators I have the Real Techniques expert face brush which is an outstanding brush to use for buffing in: foundation, CC creams, BB creams etc. It's a dense brush which allows you to create the optimum, flawless finish by covering every segment of your face, getting into all the cracks and crevices which you can't reach with the appliance of your fingers. The price is reasonable and I'd highly recommend this brush likewise with the rest of this products due to their perfectness.
Next we have a long loved favourite, it's my Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. I adore this sponge for dabbing in concealer underneath my eyes as it has the perfect shape to highlight and conceal there as it's flat. A tip if you're new or just didn't know is that if you wet the sponge beforehand it becomes considerably larger which means it's easier to cover more surface area quicker. 

Then we have the last of my Real Techniques favourites and it's the powder brush. This delicate, soft bristled brush is excellent for packing on powder onto your face as it's large it can cover your face quickly and easily. Brilliant!
We're now onto eyes and as you can see from the images, above and below, I have two items for this but first I'm going to be talking about The Body Shop eyeshadow blender brush. Although I don't use many eye shadows regularly, only the odd occasions, I've found this brush extremely useful and effective. It's a tall, fluffy ended brush which is great for smudging out harsh lines and creating that natural transition between the colours on your eyelid. 

Last but not least we have my UBU eyelash curlers which I thoroughly love using. No make-up look of mine is complete without curling my eyelashes to get the ideal curl on them. I do have straight lashes which is a pain in the bottom, but having a fine pair of curlers really changes the way your lashes look and it brings the whole look together.
That brings us to the end of my top 5 essential drugstore brushes which I recommend for you to purchase, I hope you've enjoyed reading and it helps you see what brushes you could buy in the coming months. What are some of your favourite brushes and have you tried and tested any of these before? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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