Berry To Rose Red Lipstick Choices

We're exiting the fall months now and are veering towards the Christmas period which only means one thing. Red lipsticks. I've picked out my main fall lipstick shades along with my favourite red lipsticks to show you today. After reading this post let me know which ones were your favourite and if you have any that you recommend!

All of these lipsticks are drugstore which means they're ever so affordable, prices range from £1.00 to £8.00 which is crazy as I love all of these products. I've chosen four berry shades with one transition shade in between purple and red then three red shades.

Going from left to right we have Avon violet friday which is a pale purple with pink undertones in it although, on some skin tones it can make you look washed out so be careful if you're thinking about purchasing that one. Next we have Make-Up Revolution's scandalous depraved which is this gorgeous purple with blue undertones. I love it! Carrying on with the Make-Up Revolution theme we have rebel with cause it's more of a plum colour which I think is more wearable than the first two lipstick shades. The first of the two lip bullets from Topshop I have chose is wine gum and it is a deep wine shade which you could probably tell from the name of the lipstick itself!

Now we have the one and only transition colour, it's Rimmel London's colour rush balm in the shade keep mauving which evidently is a nude mauve.
Lastly, we have the reds. I adore wearing a bright red on my lips as I feel it compliments every skin tone, therefore, these three are perfect. The first out of the three is a lipgloss by Freedom Make-Up and it's in the shade jammy dodger. It's a bold red with a creamy consistency which doesn't dehydrate your lips unlike the next one in line. This is the second lip bullet from Topshop and it's in the colour joyride which is the brightest of them all. I used to use this all the time, however, since I've purchased the other two I haven't been using this one anymore as, like I said, it's very dehydrating on the lips. Last but not least we have Freedom's lipstick in red wine and it's a tiny bit darker than the other two when on the lips nonetheless it's a lovely lipstick.

That's all of my berry to rose red lipsticks which I'm going to be showing you today. Which one was your favourite and do you recommend any?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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