Collector's Edition Review

I kindly treated myself to a set of Real Techniques brushes the other day and I'm not going to lie, I do not regret this £14.99 purchase at all. They have been in non stop use since I got them!

In this limited edition your eyes/enhanced eyelining set you receive four, metallic purple eye brushes and a silver pouch for keeping them safe whilst travelling which is a perfect inclusion for the pack as the silver corresponds nicely with the purple from the brushes.
Let me begin by talking you through each of the brushes and what they can be used to do and create regarding eye looks. Beginning with the one at the very top we have the pointed liner brush. This one is a lot like the ones you receive when you purchase a gel eyeliner; it can create thick and thin lines on top of your lid so if you were looking to do a thicker eyeliner look this one would be perfect to use as you can build up the thickness with it. 

Next along we have my favourite in the pack which is the precision liner brush. This brush is ideal if you want to create a thin line on your eyelid. I find that it glides the eyeliner onto your lid smoothly, creating a lovely line with no harsh marks. You can produce a winged eyeliner look with this brush however you do get a brush which is perfect for that job in the kit anyway which is what I'm going to be talking about next.

This is the eyeliner brush, a very simple name to say the least, although this one specializes in producing an even line with an exquisite wing. It is the only angled brush in the set which means it is quite unique and different to the others but it claims to achieve the optimum flick. However I've found that when I've used this brush it has been quite hard to create an eyeliner look which has a wing at the end, this may be because of practice as I'm sure that no one else has struggled using this brush! 

The last brush in this set is the smudge brush this is a very short haired brush which is great for enhancing a smokey eye. Due to the hairs being so short it means the brush is more dense so it'll have more impact when smudging out eyeliner or eye shadow. However, because the brush hairs themselves are like that, the only downside is that you can sometimes feel the cold metal on your eyelids when creating a look which isn't the best but besides and sometimes it can scratch your eyelid. I'm 50/50 on this brush.
Real Techniques Collector's Edition Brushes
The set comes with a little, waterproof, silver patterned pouch which fits all four of the brushes in. This pouch is great for when you're traveling because you can hold your brushes in one place so it's easier for you to access them.
Real Techniques Collector's Edition Brushes
Comparing the brushes in this set to the normal, purple eye brushes that real techniques produce they are the same height however the wand or part which you hold is a great deal thinner which I'm not overly keen on. Thinner brushes means less grip you have to have a steady hold on the brush meaning you have less precision than when you have one of their normal brushes. Regardless of that issue this is an amazing set to have stored at home as you can make a variety of different looks with them all, as you can see from the image above. I do enjoy using this set and I will hopefully pick some more real techniques brushes and sets up in the future.

What's your favourite real techniques brush and have you tried this set? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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