Eyemazing Eylure Lashes

Have you ever wanted gorgeous, long, wispy eyelashes? Look no further I've found exactly what you're looking for in just one single box.
I've been debating on purchasing some lashes for over three months now but I finally gave in purely because having straight lashes is one of the worst things in the world. If you have straight lashes you'll feel my pain! I took a trip into Superdrug and Boots but I found that they both had them retailed for around £5 which I thought was a lot of money for just one pair of lashes therefore, I wandered into Savers for the first time in years to be welcomed by two packs of lashes for only £1.99. Bargain! After a solid five minutes had past I was still stood there contemplating on which ones to choose whilst the queue was gradually getting longer and longer.
In the end I settled for two different sets, containing four pairs of lashes, which cost me a total of £3.98 which was less than the price of purchasing one pair from Boots or Superdrug. What a saving! The two sets I got were individual in their own way; on one hand we have a really thick pair of lashes unlike the other one where they're more sparse and look natural; both pairs I absoloutly love and are very wearable which I like. I will definitely be purchasing a lot more of the natural looking lashes, from the image below, as they make your lashes look 10X longer, they're incredible!
On the packaging, it claims "The fastest lashes available. Simply remove lashes from tray, apply and go. No mess, no fuss, no waiting! Natural looking, perfectly full lashes every time. Latex free." Due to them being pre-glued it does make them easy to apply with no waiting time which is ideal if you're in a rush also you can reuse these which I haven't tested out yet as I'd be worried that the lashes wouldn't be as durable from the first time around but you could always buy some lash glue to reduce this from happening. The biggest downside about these lashes is that the band on them is very visible and thick so if you were creating an eye look I'd advice using eyeliner to make the band look less noticeable but other than that I love them! 

I'm so glad that I bought these in the end as they are amazing! I can't wait to start wearing them more often as I love the look they give. What eyelashes do you buy? Have you ever tried these ones before?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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