Wave Goodbye To Greasy Hair

No-one likes having greasy hair, the feeling and the sight is repulsive but, that's what inspired someone to create a genius idea called dry shampoo. I only know a couple of brands which have their own dry shampoo however the one which I always go back to and use is the Batiste oriental dry shampoo.
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Batiste are specialized in producing dry shampoos which shows they put time and effort into making sure they're perfect for everyone to use. They have numerous different scents, styles and colours for contrasting and endless possibilities but my favourite is the one I'm using today, oriental.
The key to using this essential product is to work the product into the roots of your hair. You'll want to shake the can thoroughly to make sure the product doesn't produce any clumps when sprayed onto your head. Once you've shaken it you'll want to spay approximately 30 cm away from your head to your roots where your parting is; the parting is the line which divides the two sides of your hair. When you've sprayed the dry shampoo onto the designated area you need to rub the spray to ensure that the whiteness from the product has gone away as that's the part which is going to get rid of the grease. 

That's one way you can use this product another way is to lift up parts of you hair where you want volume. You do this by spraying underneath and then ruffling your hand through your hair to create heaps of volume; these products are great for this and you can get specific Batiste voluminous spray.

I hope that has helped anyone who has been struggling with the use of dry shampoos. What dry shampoo products do you use? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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